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Music Reference

Ten Days w Baby.PNG
A cropped quote of Howard Sarty referring to the song "Ten Days With Baby"

Band Practice

A WAAC band rehearsing music.

Letter to Yvette from Howard, October 11, 1945: Wanting to come home

I guess ill have to stay here a little longer.png

Gee darling I miss you so very much to night [sic] and I want you but it seems that the army want me to [sic] so I guess I’ll have to stay here a little longer.

1945: Dave Brubeck performing in the Wolf Pack.

Dave Brubeck Photo.jpg
Dave Brubeck performing with the Wolf Pack band.

Letter to Yvette from Howard, October 8, 1945: Giving Up

Declination of Performance sarty.png

to-day was my first day at driving and I didn’t work very hard because I just didn’t feel in the mood

Demobilization Protests

Demobilization Protests.jpg
This is a picture of soldiers protesting long waits for their demobilization in Morotai.

A Soldier Weeps by the Death of a Buddy and is Comforted by Another.

ptsd photo.jpg
This soldier is traumatized after the death of a buddy and seeks another friend for console.

Howard Group

sarty intro pic.png
Howard and others from his unit pose for a picture in front of a tank.

Baby Booties at Boot Camp, Saturday Evening Post, June 17, 1944

This is the front cover of the June 17, 1944 edition of the Saturday Evening Post. It shows a soldier happily receiving his mail on mail day.

"On Firm Foundation Grounded..."

Fellow Cobbers discover one another during WWII by spotting each other's Cobber Rings.