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Fjelstad Hall in the winter with trees
A view of Fjelstad Hall's library entrance during the winter months.

Grose Hall, mid-20th century
A view of Grose Hall with trees lining the sidewalk.


Grose Hall
A photo of Grose Hall, which was formerly the college's library.


Front view of President's House
A front view of the President's House (now Aasgaard House).

View of the President's Residence
A an eastern view of the President's Residence.

Front view of Old Main
A black and white view of the front of Old Main.


Old Main during its dedication ceremony
An image of Old Main from its dedication ceremony in the early 20th century.


Exterior of Bogstad's residence and music conservatory
An outside view of the music conservatory and Bogstad's residence.


Bishop Whipple Hall with horse-drawn sleigh in front
A view of Bishop Whipple Hall with a horse and sleigh in front of it.

Front of Bishop Whipple Hall
A view of the front Bishop Whipple Hall with tree-lined sidewalks.