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Helga Fjelstad


Schoberg, G.L.


A reading of a "Concordially Yours" radio broadcast, written and originally broadcasted on April 17, 1943 by G.L. Schoberg. This broadcast recounts the history of Helga Fjelstad, the college matron from 1895 to 1921 and 1923 to 1930.


Schoberg, G.L.


Concordia College Archives
RG 21.1.1 FF1 Box 2
P01124 Helga Fjelstad before 1910 - Originals
P01125E Portrait of Helga Fjelstad after retirement - Originals
P00724E 1907 Kitchen Staff at CC - Helga middle front - Originals
P1103 Cornerstone laying of Fjelstad Hall 1937; Helga seated - Fjelstad BPF
P01006 Architects rendering of Fjelstad Hall - Fjelstad BPF


Concordia College Archives




Collins, Jenna; audio recorder
Cole, Layne; video editor
Burrell, Corinne; researcher


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And now a bit of early history. I’m afraid there may be some who do not know Miss Helga Fjelstad, whose personality filled the lives of so many Cobbers of olden days. Time is passing so rapidly she will need introduction to many of the newer generation. Here is the story of how she came to Concordia.
In the summer of 1895 the college was hunting for someone to take charge of the boarding club. The modest lady who took over was Miss Helga Fjelstad, who remained as mother to the Cobbers for thirty-five years. The kitchen faculty, which she and her assistants were called, soon became a cherished memory and still is to older alumni. Miss Fjelstad soon taught many a lad how to wash dishes, and many a girl how to cook and bake. By inviting students into the kitchen at just the logical time, when homesickness was overwhelming, she gave them doughnuts, coffee, and good advice that saved many a lad and lassie from hurrying home to mother. The advice was not always sugar-coated, sometimes it was direct and pointed, but always it was kind.
And many a Cobber, whose success story could be written today, looks back gratefully to real, common-sense, Christian advice from Helga Fjelstad over doughnuts and coffee in the old Concordia kitchen. And there was nothing but a chorus of yes and aye when Fjelstad hall took the name of this real second mother of the early Cobbers.


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Corinne Burrell, photos/research
Jenna Collins, audio recording
Layne Cole, editor


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