Looking to the Future

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Looking to the Future


Schoberg, G.L.


A reading of a "Concordially Yours" radio broadcast, written and originally broadcasted on March 5, 1963 by G.L. Schoberg. This broadcast recounts the start of the construction for the Lorentzen Administration Building, which is "the progress of Christian education."


Schoberg, G.L.


Concordia College Archives
RG 21.1.1 FF14 Box 2
BPF Lorentzen Hall, Exterior
P6079E - Groundbreaking for the C-400 Administration Building, President Joseph Knutson
supervising, 1964
P6080 - Groundbreaking of Lorentzen Administration Building, 1964
P6490 - Construction of Lorentzen Building, 1964
P7204 - Cofounder of C-400 Club, Eugene Paulson, and Dean of College, Carl Bailey, at
groundbreaking of Lorentzen Building, 1964


Concordia College Archives




Collins, Jenna; audio recorder
Cole, Layne; video editor
Burrell, Corinne; researcher


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I stepped out of a friend’s car on the parking lot south of the health center, and then I heard it: the sound of ripping boards, of tearing, and pounding. I looked over at the old Gust Erickson barn and then I saw it going on, the demolition of the last, tottering, trembling representative of the old order. They were taking the barn down, and with it went the very last of what was there in the ‘10s, in the ‘20s, and in the ‘30s, when Ericksons had a barn, when Hopemans had a barn, when little, struggling Concordia was surrounded by the agricultural atmosphere of those long passed days. These barns had sheltered the horses that pulled the coal and wagons about town. These barns had sheltered the chickens that came – unplucked – to our ice-boxes, and gave us eggs. But they didn’t haul coal anymore, and chickens come very much plucked in cellophane wrappings, and so barns can come down, protesting with creaking and groaning, and wrenching sounds, protesting the ending of the age. BUT – we are not putting up other old barns in their place. No, new educational piles of brick, and steel, and aluminum will rise where the horses stood and when the Cobbers walk to school in the morning they won’t hear the chickens, but rather the cheery sounds of the computing machines adding up the bills for their educations, for on the site of what when down yesterday goes up in a few weeks the new college administration building. It’s all inevitable. It is the progress of Christian Education.


1 minute, 40 seconds


Corinne Burrell, photos/research
Jenna Collins, audio recording
Layne Cole, editor


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