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"On Firm Foundation Grounded..."

Fellow Cobbers discover one another during WWII by spotting each other's Cobber Rings.

1929 Picture of Students and Faculty
Picture of all of the students attending Concordia College in 1929 and the staff all in front of Old Main

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1935 European Tour group lead by H. C. Nordlie at Sanssouci Palace, Germany
Nordlie's tour group consisted of twelve persons listed from left to right: front row- tour guide; second row- 5 non group members, Adeline Nesc, Bessie Wilson, Elise Strandness, Helen Hanson (not sure who is Strandness and who is Hanson), Bertha…

1939 Class Banner
This banner is made of blue and grey felt. The class motto "Be Steadfast and Endure" is stitched onto the front of the banner.

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1939 Royal Visit Commemorative Pin
This pin was given to commemorate the Royal Visit of Crown Princess Martha and then Crown Prince Olav in 1939. During this visit, the Crown Prince received Concordia College's first honorary degree.

1945: Dave Brubeck performing in the Wolf Pack.

Dave Brubeck Photo.jpg
Dave Brubeck performing with the Wolf Pack band.

1951-1952 Cobber Yearbook staff ejoying their work in the Cobber office
From left to right: Earl Kolke (advertising co-manager), Harold Vold (editor-in-chief), Erling Kolke (advertising co-manager), Avis Walwick (sophomore class editor), Lois Olsrud (copy editor), John Groven (sports co-assistant), Harry Anderson…

1952-1953 Norwegian-American Folk Dance Group
From left to right: Betty Ellingson, Elwood Wiger, Edris Rust, Fred Haynie, Jeanette Sandness, Margaret Huslegard (in the front), Larry Dahlstron, Petty Meberg, Don Dryhaug, Joy Anderson, and Dale Rognlie