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Carl B. Ylvisaker standing outside with a group of ministers
Ylvisaker (first person on the left in the back row), Amundsen (second row, third person from the left), J. W. Taloo (front row, second person from the left), Mayville Vollen (back row, eighth person from the left), and Carl Birkelo posing for a…

Carl B. Ylvisaker Headshot
Headshot of Carl B. Ylvisaker

Carl B. Ylvisaker and Konrad Lee standing outside
Ylvisaker (right) standing next to Konrad Lee (left) outside in jackets and hats

Carl B. Ylvisaker in his home with this wife and four children
A young Ylvisaker family in front of the their fireplace and bookshelf. Two children sit by a toy train and tracks.

J. A. Holvik Headshot
Headshot of J. A. Holvik

J. A. Holvik disembarking a ship during the 1935 Norway Band Tour
Passengers and Holvik, dressed in his maestro regalia, disembark a ship during the Concordia Band Tour to Norway.

J. A. Holvik directs the band aboard a ship during the 1935 Norway Band Tour
Holvik directs the band during a Fourth of July celebration aboard a ship during the 1935 Band Tour to Norway.

J. A. Holvik standing with President Brown and an unknown man
President Brown (left), and unknown man (presumably faculty), and Holvik (right) standing in front of pictures of Lincoln, T. Roosevelt, and Washington.

R. E. "Ed" Fuglestad instructing lab
Fuglestad assisting female students in biology lab

Profile of R. E. "Ed" Fuglestad standing with his bust
Fuglestad is shown in profile in the foreground with his bust in the background.