Concordia Through Time Composite Map

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This map was created to be a visual companion to the "Cementing Our Future" exhibit.  It tracks development of campus buildings through time.  Each period of construction and aquisition is marked with a different color.  Multiple historical campus maps were used as references for buildings which no longer exist.  A map from 1958 has been geo-rectified using the program Map Warper to line up with the modern OpenStreetMap base layer.

Maps are courtesy of Concordia College Archives.

Map Key

Click on highlighted buildings to see when they were built, renovated, and demolishied.  Click the box in the top right corner to toggle between OpenStreetMap and Google Earth, or to disable the 1958 map overlay and map key.

Maroon:  Humble Beginnings.  1891-1945
Brown:  A Building Boom.  1946-1951
Yellow:  Yellow Brick.  1952-1966
Blue:  Beyond 8th Street.  1967-1990
Green:  The Next 100 Years.  1991-present

Gray Border:  Building no longer exists.
Empty Border:  Building was moved to another location.