Christmas Concerts

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Christmas Concerts


Schoberg, G.L.


A reading of a "Concordially Yours" radio broadcast, written and originally broadcasted in December of 1943 by G.L. Schoberg. This broadcast recounts the planning of the Concordia Christmas concerts, an annual tradition at the college.


Schoberg, G.L.


Concordia College Archives
RG 21.1.1 FF11 Box 2
GPF Christmas Concert (1940-1969)
P6690E - 1968 Christmas Concert
P6684 - 1964 Christmas Concert, Chapel Choir
P21868 - 1943/44 Christmas Concert, Cy Running Backdrop
P8977 - 1949 Christmas Concert, Girls’ Choir, Ernest Harris conductor


Concordia College Archives




Collins, Jenna; audio recorder
Burrell, Corinne; video editor
Cole, Layne; researcher


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Good Morning Cobber Family,
Just a few shepherds heard the first Christmas song on Judean hills some two thousand years ago. But it is the remarkable thing about this old gospel message that though according to human reckoning it should have outlived its popularity as “popular music” at about the time the wise men were able to get there, in God’s paradox the Christmas song has gained in melody throughout the years. An angel song seems to be printed on human hearts rather than on yellowing paper, and “Gloria in Excelsis Deo” has been heard throughout history wherever the Child has been born anew.
The Happiest season of the school year at Concordia is that pre-Christmas time, when the Cobbers are getting ready to intone once again the good news of a babe born into the world of men. If we have any gift of harmony on the campus, if we have any with velvet throat and dulcet horn at Concordia, they seem to put everything that they have into the Christmas melody. The organizations musical of the college are at their finest in the programs of Christmas on the campus, and particularly in that great musical offering that now is traditional – the annual public Christmas Concert.
People used to crowd Trinity Church to hear and see. People used to over-throng First Lutheran Church of Fargo for the Event. Now we are compelled by the great 2,000 or more folks that press upon us to hear the old, old story to stage the annual concert in the Moorhead Armory. And even that edifice is now taxed by those who love the Yule-tide singing of the Cobbers. Would that this war could come to a close, that we might build upon Concordia’s campus the great auditorium that could fittingly house the faithful who should hear the story of Christ’s birth on this ground dedicated to His Kingdom. But, we are still in the armory.


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Corinne Burrell, editor
Jenna Collins, audio recording
Layne Cole, photos/research


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