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Global Connections


Schoberg, G.L.


A reading of a "Concordially Yours" radio broadcast, written and originally broadcasted on March 26, 1943 by G.L. Schoberg. This broadcast recounts the connections Cobbers make with others as well as one another around the globe.


Schoberg, G.L.


Concordia College Archives
RG 21.1.1 FF 11 Box 2
GPF May Seminars (1970-1974)
P170301 - Two Cobbers on a May Seminar in the 1970s.
P01260 - Concordia College students on a 1970s May Seminar.
P18629 - Concordia Connections abroad in Germany.


Concordia College Archives




Collins, Jenna; audio recorder
Burrell, Corinne; video editor
Cole, Layne; researcher


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Good Morning, Cobber Family,
“I walked into a club house in Brazil, and a Cobber slapped me on the back”. This writes a Concordia graduate, who must remain unnamed. Another writes from North Africa: “There are Cobbers out here – in the thick of things. The old Concordia greeting sounds pretty good when rising suddenly out of a welter of cacophonous Arabic”. But the happiest song of all comes in a letter from a third former walker of these haunts, who now flies, and who writes: “We dropped out of a clear, hot sky in India – and right into the arms of a fellow Concordia-man, as unexpected an occurrence in this part of the world as if, suddenly turning a corner in this peculiar land, the portals of the Old Main were there. No one can ever know what a Cobber reunion, as far away from the college as one can get, can be like – unless he has the tradition”.
“Unless he has the tradition!” I guess there must be something to that, after all. We take college traditions as something rather for granted, especially here on the campus. We like to shake hands with returning alumni – that’s as things should be in a steady, self-respecting school; it’s nice, too, when out in the territory, to have Cobbers cluster around to greet one – but to hear Concordia’s greeting suddenly, in the sands of Africa, or coming clearly and unexpectedly out of a south-west Pacific swamp, when all about are the sounds of war, that must be a fresh breeze.


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Corinne Burrell, editor
Jenna Collins, audio recording
Layne Cole, photos/research


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