Sarty Letters Collection


In this collection of letters, Howard Sarty writes his beloved wife, Yvette, during World War II.


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Letter to Yvette from Howard, April 19, 1943 [EXAMPLE]

Camp Campbell, Kentucky
April 19, 1943

Hello darling:
Hows [sic] everything back home? As for me I think I’m going nuts. I got up this morning at four and had chow at four-thirty then I started my work for the day. That was allright [sic]…

Letter to Yvette from Howard, March 1, 1945 [EXAMPLE]

March 1, 1945
7:30 P.M.
Dearest darling wife & no kids,

Well darling I feel good today because I got about seven letters from you and one from mom. The last letter I got from you was dated the 11th of Feb. and I like that one the best. I…

Letter to Yvette from Howard, October 22, 1942

Hi Darling,

It’s just me again. The weather down here is lousey [sic] it’s even raining to-day [sic]. You know what darling I’m stepping out to-night [sic] to dinner, if you won’t mind. I was in the U.S.J. last week and I met a young married…