Cover of Concordia's second yearbook published in May of 1923

When Park Region Luther College and Concordia merged in 1917, students from both schools made an effort to combine student activities and organizations. In 1920, the Scout was born under the namesake of Park Region’s former yearbooks. The name of the yearbook changed to the Cobber in 1932 and remained thus until its regrettable termination in 2008.

1951-1952 Cobber staff ejoying their work in the Cobber office

Published triennially until 1935 and biennially until 1943, the Cobber finally became an annual publication in 1947. Each yearbook represents a cross-section of Concordia’s students, faculty, academics, extra-curricular activities, and student life. Over the years, the publication experienced various changes in layout and design such as a switch from leather to lithocote covers and black-and-white to color ink.

Cobber Editor Julie Wasson

The Cobber set a high standard in quality and design and clinched a merit award from Taylor Publishing Company in 1994, an award given to the top ten percent of yearbooks published within the company.